Vendor Paid Advertising

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Vendor Paid Advertising

There is nothing like having your advertisement on the front page of major websites and portals to increase your chances of selling and selling quickly. Vendor Paid Advertising (VPA) is the way it's done. Available for free listings and managed listings, VPA is available in three-month blocks. It is purely optional of course, but it makes a lot of sense especially for people who are not experienced at selling, or even for those who are experienced but just want the best chance they can get at selling quickly. It may be purchased when you first list or at some time later. Payment is required up-front before the service starts.

Highlighted Advertisement

Highlighting your advertisement in helps your advertisement stand out and be seen. Advertisement highlighting may be purchased in three month blocks only.

 USD 9 per three months

Feature Advertisement has multiple pages with featured listings. Obviously, our home page, but we also run features on our continent pages, country pages, state/province pages and city pages. All of these pages are very well indexed and are routinely found in searches and become the landing pages for our site - the perfect place for your advertisement to be showcased. Featured listings are available in three-monthly blocks for USD 20 per page, but if you like, we can mix that about a bit over the three months so your advertisement gets good exposure on all relevant pages. For example, if your listing is in Melbourne, Australia, we could give you equal exposure on our home page, Oceania page, Australia page. Victoria page and the Melbourne page.

 USD 100 per three months (5 landing pages)

Portals Advertising Package

We will list your advertisement in 20 relevant websites and portals in your country and world-wide and feature it in the most relevant five sites. Also available in three-month blocks, if you make any changes to your advertisement during this time, we will update the sites too.

 USD 150 per three months

Social Media Advertising Package

Your advertisement gets included in our social media advertising schedule and is rotated through multiple face book pages and groups relevant to your listing, twitter, MeWe, LinkedIn, Instagram and others for a period of three months. It will appear in one of the social media platforms about every 8 to 10 days and from our experience, this is about the right frequency of exposure. During the course of the three months it will receive a very wide audience of several thousand's of people who have expressed an interest in your category of listing.

 USD 90 per three months

All Options!

  • Highlighted Advertisement
  • Featured in our Website on all five landing pages relevant to your listing location
  • Posted in 20 relevant Websites and Portals and 5 of the advertisements are featured
  • Rotated though relevant social media groups and pages appearing about once every 10 days and being shared to literally thousand's of people in groups relevant to your listing

Individually priced at USD 349, the All Options package is discounted because we want to help you sell quickly.

 USD 315 for the three months (it's around USD 3.50 a day)

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